Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Who will cry for me? Who will call my name? Who will lie for me?
Why is it all distorted? People see gray when I'm red. Why am I less than what I expected?
Overlooked, ignored, unnoticed as the only flower in the desert. But it's not the desert, is it? Am I kidding myself? Aspiring for the clouds when I can't even get out of the ground! I'm causing my own pain and suffering. I could turn around and ignore it. But I can't. I'm compelled to reach out and connect to someone, anyone. Why do I see beauty when others see the dark gray of nothing special? What if it is true? What if I have no depth, no shine? Awareness of my solitude leaves me colder than the solitude. Still no one cries for me.


Blogger Slain said...

bah..couldn't miss ya on a hot day in a mirage!!

::smiles @ Scarlet::

1:55 AM  
Blogger PerversoActor said...

"You will cry and you will cry alone, but if you smile the world will smile to you..."

This as in a film of an Old Boy... no confession but fun.

There's no curtain... smile!

Un gran beso,

4:52 PM  

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