Wednesday, May 24, 2006


They were lying in ambush.
He came to his death by homicide.
He was murdered by a thief.
He committed suicide.
He was choked to death by a lasso.
He was starved to death in prison.
He was frozen to death in the snow.
He was killed by an assassin.
He tred to assassinate me.
He was an assaulter.
He was smothered in his room.
He was suffucated in his room.
He was shot dead by his enemy.
He was poisoned to death by his friend.
He tries to kill him by poisoning.
He tries to inflict death by poison.
He took the law in his own hand.
He tried to deprive me of my situation.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Here's one that was ~not~ well received

Mother of the Year

Don’t tell me you love me
So you can throw it in my face

Don’t ask if I’m okay
So you can snide my choices

Don’t pat and smooth my hair
So you can pull at the tangles

Don’t look into my eyes
So you can see your reflection

Don’t teach me about sex
So you can demand abstinence

Don’t call me your daughter
So you can justify your life

chrysalis-part I

during what went before
when the moon was new
and words were pictures
i was born forlorn
i sucked in the sifted air
and i cried to the deities

the pharoahs of my spirit
guided my tender feet
to the lazy desert
i soaked in the rays
of the enduring heavens
chained to the pyramids

a cloud formed
a suspicious respite
loud clapping in my ear
i drank the steadfast fall
escape to rapture
the sun rivaled as holy

Monday, May 01, 2006


Lie to me
Touch my hand
Call me beautiful
Tell me again
Just one more time
A moment of fantasy
See me exposed
Ask me for more
Embrace me naked
Call me brilliant
Say you’ll cherish me
All your attention
Let my hair
Grab your fingers
Smile at me
Call me love
Just one more time
Lie to me