Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There is a man named Abdul.

He has skin like chocolate
Smooth, rich brown, flawless
Abdul has a smile of a lover
Sweet, inviting, contagious
I want to use my teeth on him
Soft nips, nibbling, biting
Abdul has disturbing legs
Long, powerful, arousing
I want to use my hands on him
Caressing, searching, gripping
He has a voice like water
Clear, dripping, soothing
Abdul has the hips of a machine
Sturdy, evocative, energetic
He has a spirit like a disease
Infectious, durable, adaptable

Someday I will meet Abdul.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

the chancellor

His back is broken and raw
His knuckles swollen and torn
His eyes fixed and cloudy
His breathing slow and steady

He is alone and cold
He is tired and drained
He is troubled and distracted
He is lethargic and still

He is a component of humanity
He is a portion of peace
He is a member of infinity
He is an element of God

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The heat conducts thru the metal
giving it a slightly odd shape
The rain does not permeate
yet foretells the coming rust

Each entry takes further heft,
the burden heard in the creaking
The connections slowly loosen
until it hangs uncertain, unsure

Sunday, June 04, 2006


I stand in the desert
the sky is so blue, so big
and my heart is open


Floating, dancing cottonwood
Cool, green sun catchers

Salty, meandering trickle
Hovering, busy pests

Tainted Epiphany


Don’t let the unicorns get me
They chase me and haunt me
With their magical horns and
Dreamy manes like rainbows

Threatening to flail me open
With one swipe, one firm contact
Their pounding hooves echoing
Torment and melancholy with ease


A murder can make it stop
Kill the alabaster nightmares
My subconscious tuning fork
Tethering me to plain truth

Always nesting by the window
Accepting the skin without question
Loyal and enduring flock of scars
Not beguiled by flawless snow