Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There is a man named Abdul.

He has skin like chocolate
Smooth, rich brown, flawless
Abdul has a smile of a lover
Sweet, inviting, contagious
I want to use my teeth on him
Soft nips, nibbling, biting
Abdul has disturbing legs
Long, powerful, arousing
I want to use my hands on him
Caressing, searching, gripping
He has a voice like water
Clear, dripping, soothing
Abdul has the hips of a machine
Sturdy, evocative, energetic
He has a spirit like a disease
Infectious, durable, adaptable

Someday I will meet Abdul.


Blogger PerversoActor said...

Ciao bella!!

I see, I read, your poetry that becomes more and more living word, sometimes surprisingly powerfull. I like it!
I like it!

About my stupid searches I have to beg you to explain me in detail what is it that you disagree with me and my thought... If you feel like it...

Un beso para ti,

12:14 AM  

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